I’ve done it! Finally done it! Conquered the beginning of my novel!

merged photo(Oh and I made this image by layering two of my Belfast photos on Pixlr :P)

Hey everyone. Good news. After five months of fighting with the beginning of Hooligans in Shining Armour, I’ve done it. Finally done it. I have conquered first chapters of my novel.

anigif_enhanced-buzz-8296-1344235778-6The rest of it has been done for months; it was just a matter of finding the right place to start. And believe me, it’s had many…many…many different starts. It’s now been fully critiqued and professionally edited. Ready to go! If you’d like to read the first three chapters of Hooligans in Shining Armour, click here and scroll down to the link 🙂 I’m so excited and so proud of it. Big props to all the many, many, many writers who helped me get here! Especially Kate Foster, who particularly helped me nail the beginning. Without them, I’d still be, oh God, don’t even want to imagine.

jump for joyAnyone else have something to celebrate about their WIPs?



  1. phantomwriter143 · December 14, 2014

    Congrats! Those beginnings are always a mountain to climb. Keep it up!


    • sjoycarlson · December 14, 2014

      Lol they really are. This one was extra complicated because of the plot and because it’s dual POV.

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      • phantomwriter143 · December 14, 2014

        Oh, that’s harsh. And extremely brave of you! Awesome!


  2. Marianne Knowles · December 14, 2014

    Ditto on the congratulations! That’s fantastic! For me the issue is the muddle in the middle. This weekend I’m holed up with advice on story structure and a cork board to re-storyboard it. I hope to experience a similar celebratory state soon!


  3. Marcus Case · December 15, 2014

    That’s really great! Well done!

    Liked by 1 person

  4. uturnstars · December 16, 2014

    Congrats! Beginnings are SO HARD!


    • sjoycarlson · December 17, 2014

      Yeah and this one was the WORST I’ve ever dealt with by miles! LOL. Thanks for the congrats 😀


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