Writer friends, can you see a story in this picture?

Okay, I want to try something new today, and it could be a TOTAL flop of a post, but cheers to experimentation, right?

I took this picture in a forest in Wilson’s Promontory, Victoria, Australia and I just love it. The way light and dark, dead and alive meld together to create an ominous, creepy image. I feel like there’s some kind of story in this picture; I don’t know what, like a girl riding a horse through it trying to escape from Ring Wraiths or something.

Here’s another one that feels similarly-themed:

P1180671With this one, I like the hazy quality to the light filtering through the spindly, crooked trees.

I thought I’d post this and see if it spoke to any of you, fellow writer friends.

Can you see a story in either of these picture? If so, what might it be? What characters, what action might you add to it?



  1. ehbates · November 27, 2014

    Great scenes for potential stories! The first makes me think the Erlkönig. I half-expect the trees to start grabbing at anyone who passes by.


    • sjoycarlson · November 27, 2014

      Oooh interesting. Evil trees. And I’ll have to google Erlkoenig! Thanks for commenting!


  2. Karen · November 27, 2014

    These pics are awesome and very inspiring for a little urban fantasy.
    You keep walking, round a corner and – are in a different world.
    Or you encounter an enchanted fox and end up discussing environmental issues.


    • sjoycarlson · November 27, 2014

      Haha that’s amazing! Both actually, but for some reason, the fox scenario really grabs me 😛 Thanks for commenting!

      Liked by 1 person

  3. Marcus Case · November 27, 2014

    Speak to me? They screamed at me! Great photos that captured so much atmosphere. Am I the only person who mistook them for sketches (I doubt it)?


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