On Being the Token Yank: Fantasy Football Fail

nflSo being the Token Yank has made me more excited about my American heritage, which is why I’m in not one, but two, NFL fantasy football leagues. And to spread the joy, I’ve recruited one of my British friends into one, which should be fun. I’ve been a Packers fan since I was born (my Dad’s from Green Bay) and this is my third year doing fantasy football. Now let me be real with you, I am no expert at football or fantasy football. I don’t research players before the draft and pretty much just pick the top-ranked players each round (starting with QB, RB, and WR) and people I’ve actually heard of. I DO remember to check my line-up every week and occasionally do more than swap players who have injuries or bye weeks.

Yesterday was my second draft. Tragedy struck. Really, I blame the time difference. So Singapore time, the draft was at 6 a.m. and I didn’t quite wake up by then lol, so nfl.com auto-draft FTW…or not quite. I believe the graphic above explains the outcome and directly below how I feel.

disappointed-oMy QB is Aaron Rodgers and one of my WR is Jordy Nelson, so that’s awesome. Maybe someone in my league will trade me a good WR for Russell Wilson… Though perhaps all of this just fits well with my team name:

lowered expectationsWhoever plays me in Week 9, consider this your birthday present.



  1. authorleighmichaels · August 31, 2014

    LOL! Well, at least you have the best QB and WR ;-). I’ll be helping you, because every time I wear my JN jersey for a game, he does REALLY well. Good luck!

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    • sjoycarlson · August 31, 2014

      Amazing. I’ll wear my Aaron Rodgers one (which I brought all the way to Singapore) so bases covered. Week 9 will be rough though lol.

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  2. Bookgirl · September 2, 2014

    I went to one of these games once (don’t forget I’m an ignorant Aussie here) and the last five minutes went on for an hour i thought the game was never going to end. i think they spent more time standing around than running. Is that normal?


    • sjoycarlson · September 2, 2014

      Lol yes, yes it is.It doesn’t help that they have commercial breaks all over the place and with penalties and one team probably trying to stop the clock and drag the game out….


  3. authorleighmichaels · September 5, 2014

    So, are you able to watch the game in real time, or will you have to see it tomorrow??


    • sjoycarlson · September 5, 2014

      Watching it in 3 hours!! Don’t tell me the score. Will be donning my A Rod jersey shortly


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