Autumn in Wisconsin

Autumn in Wisconsin

Taken at Mirror Lake State Park, Baraboo, Wisconsin, 45 minutes north of Madison. One of my favorite Fall pictures ever.


20 thoughts on “Autumn in Wisconsin

  1. Oh, I can see why you love this one. The colors, the water, the drop off, the pathway… What is it about pathways? A lot of my favorite pics are scenic with some kind of pathway in them. It makes you want to enter the picture to find out what the view is like just around the corner. 🙂


    • AHHHH you’re from Wisconsin!! Ok so I’m from Wisconsin and living in Singapore for the past 9 months, so I’m at the point right now where I just get really excited when I meet other people from Wisconsin.


      • I always get excited when I meet people from Wisconsin – it seems so rare! And when you meet people from other parts of the country, they’re like, “Oh… Wisconsin… where is that again?” 😀 Glad you found me! So are you from Baraboo?


      • OMG you have no idea. Outside the US, nobody has any clue. For me, when someone asks where I’m from I say in the middle and north or by the great lakes or north of Chicago. The Midwest isn’t even something people know haha. I’m from Madison. Also, I never realized it til I left, but we totally have a Wisconsin culture and it is awesome 🙂


      • Actually, a fair number, the Chicago one doesn’t work either haha. Although the whole that 70’s show, Kelso screaming I LOVE WISCONSIN. That’s surprising well known.


      • Ah God I’m sorry. It’s a bit of a shameful admission for me. We were apparently the rednecks of our Conference. I was not born there, let me be clear. 😛 What general region of WI are you from?


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